Avoid Confusion To Improve Memory

Using peg words in helping us to remember needed information is a good method. However, one thing that we must be careful when we use this method is confusion. When we use the same words in memorizing things, there is a large possibility of confusion. For instance, if you will memorize a roster of countries and their currencies on peg words, then you memorize the US states on the same peg, you might have the chance of recalling that Florida is the Capital of Mongolia.

Avoiding confusion in using peg words depends in some individuals who can have several information of the same pegs with no sweat at all, while other people are entirely confused. This can be practically avoided if we continually practicing. Some techniques that you can use to avoid confusion in using pegs to improve your memory are the following:

1. Short-term lists

If you need to memorize a series of data for a short-term recall, such as a to do list, then you donít have to make such effort. By the time you are familiarized with your list, you will not mind if you cannot remembered the first task in the morning.

2. Medium-term lists

If you need to be familiarized with a series of data for a medium-term recall, such as shopping lists for the whole month, or an upcoming game schedule, you can try a different method of using pegs. You donít have to memorize hundreds of new peg words; mostly you just need at least ten sets or even lower. You can use the usual set of 1-10 on the first set that you want to be familiarized with, then you can expand it to 11-20 when the need arise.

3. Long-term lists

If you really need to memorize permanent information, you need to make an effort in planning. For example, you can memorize countries and their official currencies using the same peg words. However, if this was done several months ago, you brain can actually forgot what you need. Also, since there are over 200 countries, but only 100 pegs available, you will need to re-use pegs again. You can also use the technique of association when can you remember the name of the country and the currency.

4. Long-term lists version 2.0

This technique is quite different but it can help you when you need to memorize fast lists such as the multiplication table. This technique can help you recall the multiplication table permanently and fast. It would take forever if we would devote our time searching for answers for simple multiplication equations such as 8 x 9 = 72.

So in this technique, forget about the peg words and just memorize the whole multiplication table by saying the equation like 8 x 9 = 72 for a dozen of times until it will be permanently associated with your brain. This is hard since it will take longer to memorize all the number equations. But donít grieve yet, there are only few things that you should memorize using this ìover and over againî technique.

Only use peg words if they necessary. As an example, if you want to memorize your friendís cellular phone number. There is no need to use specific peg words you can learn it all with association.